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Twerk Sumptin: Beyonce New Video “7-11″

Yep, this video live. Yep, she twerkin! Yep, her dancers is too. Black, White, Spanish, and Asian hotties. Yep, Im watching it again. Yep! Beyonce’ New Video “7-11″ watch now!


Beyonce And Jay Z Renew Their Wedding Vows

Superstar power couple Jay Z and Beyonce seem to have a way of silently responding to rumors surrounding their relationship and they reportedly did just that by recently renewing their wedding vows What breakup rumors? Beyoncé and Jay Z have faced a whirlwind of whispers in recent months that they were on the rocks and… Read more »

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What’s poppin’ w/ Mariah Carey going to rehab?

Mariah Carey is going to admit herself into a rehab facility?!…is it drugs or alcohol?!..Find out by clicking “play” below!!..Plus, Jay and Bey are going to make an announcement about a new baby soon?!

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Beyonce’s GIRLS Almost Popped Out At Concert!

JAY Z and Beyonce gave a powerful performance at the Global Citizen’s Concert last night, so powerful that Beyonce’s girls almost came out to give a performance of their own! Hurry click here to see it for yourself!