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What’s poppin’ w/ how Kanye really feels about Jay and Bey?

Kanye West did an interview with GQ magazine and spoke about how he felt when Jay and Bey didn’t show up to his wedding..Find out what he had to say by clicking “play’ below!..Plus, there is a reason why Stevie J took Joseline back!..Find that out below!

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Jay Z And Beyonce Concert Is Tonight! [Listen Now]

Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “On The Run” concert is tonight and we have broken down the do’s and dont’s. The show starts at 8pm, they will perform 43 songs and you have to follow the small bag rules at AT&T Stadium. Michael Shawn says don’t spend the whole concert on social media and enjoy the… Read more »


Beyonce Goes Off On Jay-Z Groupies

Word on the street is that Bey went crazy during a stop on the On The Run tour, kick some Jay Z groupies out and giving them a piece of her mind! This is what Star Magazine reports: “According to sources Beyonce recently had a major meltdown during her On the Run tour with hubby… Read more »