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Swizz Beatz Talks Art Show at Sotheby’s, Kanye West, Alicia Keys & More


ABC RadioLast night Swizz Beatz realized a dream by helping unknown artists gain recognition with a private art event at Sotheby’s in New York City. The hitmaker told ABC Radio why the occasion was so special.

“We are all born in this world unknown, and we all strive to be known in some shape, form or fashion and I think it takes other leaders to put other leaders in place, you know,” he says.  “I might be a leader right now but I might introduce the world to 100 leaders in different spaces, and I think that’s the importance of using your power.”

To showcase emerging artists with the show, Swizz partnered with Canon for the Rebel with a Cause campaign. He explains how he chose the five artists whose work was shown. “We took these artists from Instagram, they were probably siting on their couch, some probably going through it, we tell them to submit their work — very simple, not overdone, we didn’t blow too many big horns with it because it should feel real,” he says.

“Now going from their couch, to be picked for real, to being with the Dean Collection, to be projected on museums in New York City, now being inside Sotheby’s having an auction of these artists’ work — so we took these artists that were unknown and treated them as they was a Basquiat,” Swizz says referring the late painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. The work is also up for auction on line via

Aside from delving into the art world, Swizz has remained busy with his first passion: music.  Swizz reveals that he’s contributed to Kanye West‘s highly anticipated Waves album.

“Musically, the Kanye album comes out I think this month, look for me two times on there,” he says.

Swizz also spills that his wife, Alicia Keys, has allowed him to serve as the executive producer for her next album.

“The Alicia album, you know, she has a couple of surprises,” he says of her follow-up to 2012’s Girl on Fire. You know, I executive produced that, even though that’s all her creations, she’s the master mind, she’s the goddess genius on that.”

So what other artists is he working with these days?

Nas‘ album, Big Sean‘s album, Jay Electronica, I got a lot of stuff, a lot of music stuff — DMX!” he says. “You know, hopefully I finish up the DMX album, you know, hopefully I put some stuff out.”

He concludes, “We gonna have some fun.”

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