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Snoop Dogg Explains Why He Isn’t Ready for a Biopic, Yet


ABC/Randy HolmesDespite the success of the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton, Snoop Dogg isn’t really interested in making a theatrical biopic on his life — not just yet.

In an interview with HipHopWired, the rapper explained his reasoning on delaying any autobiographical film.

“I’m still creating the Snoop story,” the 43-year-old rapper explained.  “It’s still happening as we speak. I don’t feel like I’m ready [for that type of depiction] and I feel like I got more to do and when I’m able to settle down and say, ‘O.K. I’m ready to document my life and career whatnot,’ then I’ll do it but right now, I’m loving the fact that N.W.A did they thing since I grew up a fan of theirs and letting their movie breathe.”

While it may be some time until we see a Snoop biopic, the rapper’s history with Dr Dre is briefly included in Straight Outta Compton movie, in which the rapper is played by Keith Stanfield.

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