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Single Mom Shopping Spree w/ DeDe In The Morning



6 Responses to “Single Mom Shopping Spree w/ DeDe In The Morning”

  1. Anna Hardy

    It would help me out so much if I won this shopping spree for my babies. Being a single mother is so hard, but it gets even harder during the holidays. I’d love to win this so I can get my babies everything the want.

  2. Franky Villarreal

    I have no idea how this works or if it will even work, but im doing this for Mother. My moms name is Josie Villarreal, she is the single mother to me my brother. My name is Franky and I am 16 years old, and my younger brother, Ryan, is only 2. Every Christmas, my mom works her ass off to get me what I want, but since my brother came into the picture, it’s more hard for her to get anything. It’s even harder this year since she doesn’t have a job. Even with the set backs, my strong 30 year old mother has presents under the tree, it may be few, but I am humble to be able to get anything. I wanted to reach out te see if you, K104 could select and help my mother out this year. For my brother, he deserves a fantastic Christmas, and for my mother, who needs this to help herself out. Thank you for reading this, if anything, please reach me out on my email

  3. Meemee

    It’s would help my family so much because we lost everything due to an eviction we don’t have anything my younger siblings are in school they need shoes and clothes don’t much need toy and a couple of air beds too sleep on

  4. Sharmetrice

    I’m a single mom the father of my kids refuses to help me in any type of way and at the moment I’m facing eviction so for Christmas I will have no place to stay I’m going to lose most of my stuff cause I don’t have a truck to get my stuff out and I have no money to get my boys anything for Christmas.

  5. Nahndy Malbrough

    My name is nahndy malbrough I’m 25 with two amazing boys I recently ran from an abusive relationship and had to leave everything there my kid’s need a bed and clothes and toys I only make $2.13 an hour and have so many bill I want to make this Christmas great for them this would help me out so much my number is 5046100053

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