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Robin Thicke’s #AskThicke Twitter Session Turns Nasty


Image Courtesy ABC/Kelsey McNealRobin Thicke has an album to promote, so the decision to participate in a Twitter Q&A seemed like a good idea, right? Well, unfortunately for Thicke, the singer was subjected to unrelenting questions about his “rapey” lyrics in “Blurred Lines” and accusations of borderline harassment toward his estranged wife Paula Patton.

The singer partnered with VH1 for the Twitter session, which started off with safe questions like why did he name his album after Patton. Thicke sarcastically replied, “Because ‘Beatrice’ didn’t have the same ring to it.” He also added that the project was the most emotionally challenging album he’s ever done.

From there Thicke was bombarded with tough questions and accusations, which Robin said he was prepared to handle. “#AskThicke Can I punch you in the face? No? You mean yes, right? You know you want it,” one participant wrote.

Another added, “Train A leaves the station at 40mph and train B leaves at 55mph, how far is the judge going to order you to stay away from Paula .”

The singer’s attention span was also questioned. One wrote: “Are you even reading these? Or are you alone, gyrating against some furniture? #AskThicke.”

Others questioned Robin’s very public efforts to win back his wife, with one participant asking, “Will you retract your statement of ‘I know you want me’ now that you know beyond a reasonable doubt that she does not? #AskThicke.

In the end, Robin took the criticism with a grain of salt. “Thank you all for your time. I love you and hope the album brings you joy,” he tweeted.

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