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Rihanna’s Co-Directors on BBHMM Speak on Shocking Video Content


ABC/Lou Rocco

Rihanna may have offended or shocked some people with her dark and violent video for “B***h Better Have My Money.” However, it seems that was kind of the point.

In an interview with Billboard,  the singer’s co-directors by Megaforce, a quartet of French filmmakers, revealed what Rih was going for in her twisted clip.

After revealing that it was Rihanna’s idea for the nude barn scene, Charles Brisgand tells the publication: “I don’t think it’s so shocking today. You can’t please everybody. It’s a kind of universe we went in with her — it’s not the kind of video where you try to make people think. Some people can hate it, people can love it, but we think it’s pretty exciting to make something like that.”

Leo Berne adds that the visual was filmed in April and Rihanna was very hands on.  “It’s great to have an artist who’s into the video. Sometimes artists are quite bored by music videos, so they leave before you end the shoot and stuff. Even though [Rihanna]’s a big star, she’s really into it,” he says.  “When we were shooting, the energy was there. Even though it was a really hectic shoot, when we said action, she was there.”

As for how much of the concept was inspired by Rihanna’s real-life accountant, whom she sued in 2009, Berne explains, “That’s for her to say. It wasn’t a big deal to say who the guy was — we came up with the accountant during the shoot. We didn’t focus so much on who he was, we just wanted to use the opportunity to say who was the b***h.”

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