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Rihanna Songwriter Talks BBHMM Plagiarism Claims


ABC/Lou RoccoLast week, Rihanna was accused of ripping off another artist for her new song “B***h Better Have My Money.” Now, songwriter Bibi Bourelly has addressed claims that the banger is copy of Just Brittany‘s song “Betta Have My Money.”

“You fight for something and actually put the work in, and sacrifice time, like your parents told you to do in order to be ‘successful’, just so when you finally reach a victory and it’s time to celebrate, some obstacle is there to pull you back down again,” Bibi says in an interview with Vibe

The 20-year-old adds that she’s not going to let the speculation ruin her excitement. “But that’s life, I guess. I don’t want to bash anybody or be bitter or mean. I just want to be able to celebrate our victory,” she says. “A lot of things change when one is granted success, random people pop up, and a lot of the adjustments are rough.”

While Rihanna has yet to respond on the accusations, Bibi is looking past them already. “My way of coping with them is through focusing on the things that I have accomplished and the things that are yet to come,” she concludes.


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