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Rick Ross Jokes About Illuminati Rumors


UMG/Jonathan Mannio

Like many of hip-hop’s elite, Rick Ross has many detractors that credit his success to his rumored affiliation with the Illuminati. For the first time, Rozay has addressed the secret society chatter, which he takes as a compliment.

“Man, there’s a part of me that laughs when I hear that,” Ross says in the new issue of Rolling Stone. “It’s a compliment. Like, ‘Wow, I made it, I’m in the Illuminati!’ But people who say sh** like that, to me, are like people who believe in f**king magic.”

The Miami rapper later adds, “If the Illuminati was like [the movie] Men in Black, I would’ve been told them to come to the house. You mean they just pull up and zap you and you’re successful and rich? Shut the f**k up! You know, I just smile and keep it going, man.”

Meanwhile, the rapper’s new sixth studio album, Mastermind, is available in stores now.

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