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Rick Ross Breaks Down the Qualities of a Hood Billionaire


UMG/Jonathan Mannion

Rick Ross has titled his upcoming album, Hood Billionaire, and now, he’s explaining what that term actually means.

“To me, it’s just a sign of being ambitious,” Rozay told MTV News. “To me a hood billionaire is someone that could do for you and yours. It’s not how much paper you got that make you a hood billionaire, nah you just wanted to get up and go do that today and you were able to do that.

Rozay adds that it’s about more than just monetary ambitions or outlays.  “[If] you was able to take little man to a basketball game or little man to a baseball game. To me, that’s hood billionaire,” he said. “I ain’t never went to a [Miami] Dolphins game as a child, so ‘hood billionaire’ for me is someone that just wants to see their people come through.”

Hood Billionaire arrives November 24.

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