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Photographer Gave Drake Portrait from Aaliyah’s Final Photo Shoot


Universal MotownDrake‘s affinity for the late Aaliyah now shows on his walls, thanks to famed photographer Jonathan Mannion.

According to, Mannion gave the rapper one of the last pictures he took of Aaliyah, who passed away in a plane crash on August 25, 2001. The portrait sees the singer leaning against a car with flames on the side.

“I knew Drake had a tattoo of Aaliyah on his back, I wanted to do something for him because he’s had such a run, and I feel like he really changed music,” Mannion explained. “I knew he loved [Aaliyah] and that was a really big part of him doing what he was doing.”

After seeing Drake’s bare walls, Mannion sent Drake a massive print of Aaliyah from that final shoot . “I went to his house and was like, ‘You got some empty wall space.’ He was printing things that he liked but like photocopying them and hanging them up,” Mannion recalls.  “I said, ‘Yo you need originals. You’ve gotta start buying art. You’re that guy now. We are looking to you to be a patron of the arts, so I’m gonna kick it off.'”

Naturally, Drake loved the gesture. “He just came up and he hugged me,” Mannion recalls. “That’s what the f**k I’m talkin’ about. It was so much better than a phone call.”

Mannion adds that there’s still other portraits of the late singer. “I did ten shots with her, so there’s things that nobody’s ever seen,” he adds. “They’re protected.”

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