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Pharrell Says He Couldn’t Have Written “Happy” 10 Years Ago


Many would agree that Pharrell is peaking as an artist. Following the success of his latest album, G I R L, and smash single “Happy,” the singer discusses his growth in an wide-ranging interview with The Guardian.

How does he know that he’s evolved? The hitmaker explains he never could have written “Happy” a decade ago. “Because the word ‘sweat’ would have been in there, and ‘booty’. All those words would have been in there,” he says.

Pharrell also reveals that now knows his identity. “I didn’t know who I was,” he says referring to his earlier material. “I thought I knew who I was.” Who did he think he was? “This competitive guy in the music industry, who admired my peers and felt he needed to compete with┬áthe races that they designed. But in life you’re meant to race against yourself.”

Before Pharrell decided to stay in his own lane, the singer reveals, he thought he was competing against Jay Z.

“Jay was never going to race with any of us,” Pharrell says. “That was just my delusion. Because his career runs laps round people. And he runs laps round people, lyrically. He’s a philosopher and a poet.”

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