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“Pay-To-Play” Coming to Frisco ISD, $200 Fee to Play Sports


Would you pay for something that should be free? Well in Frisco ISD, some parents are about to do just that. Beginning this fall, they will charge students in middle school ($100) and high school ($200) an annual fee to participate in athletics.

Frisco, which houses over two dozen high schools and middle schools, came to this decision after trying to find ways to help their current budget crisis. It is reported, the city is close to $6 million in the hole. Budget adjustments also include a 2% pay raise for Frisco ISD teachers.

The new charge will cover the district’s expenses for transportation, referees, security, and laundry. There have been other districts that have implemented athletic participation fees before, such as Plano, Highland Park, and Coppell to name a few.

Even though the district says scholarships will be available for students, this could very well be a hindrance for many families, especially those with multiple children.

We’ll probably be seeing a lot more kids mowing yards and cleaning pools this summer.


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