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Where Are Her Parents? High School Student Suspended For Soliciting Sex During Lunch


Several students are at home, suspended from Bolton High School after an alleged prostitution incident by teenagers at the school.

Via WMC Action News 5 reports:

Students and parents called it prostitution on campus during school hours on Monday, but Shelby County Schools says that may not be entirely accurate. SCS officials say administrators are in the early stages of an investigation into what they are calling “allegations of inappropriate behavior.” A Bolton High student, whose identity WMC Action News 5 is protecting, says notes and just passing the word around is how a 14-year-old, ninth grade Bolton student let male students know she would be offering sex. He said it usually happened during lunch in the boys’ bathroom. The student said sometimes she charged for the sex and sometimes she didn’t. He says he didn’t take her up on her offer, but she didn’t seem upset about it. “There was like a line 10 people almost every day,” he said. “She just turning around at me in class always smiling at me … There’s something wrong with her, and I hate it.” The student said it started at the beginning of the year. Teachers didn’t seem to be aware he says.

Deborah Clubb, head of the Memphis Area Women’s Council, says the girl’s behavior is an indication of a serious problem, maybe even abuse. Last month, Bolton High made headlines when a grand jury indicted a teacher and coach for statutory rape. “I’m very disappointed,” recent Bolton High graduate Wezley Kearney said. “It was nothing like that. Nobody did anything like that. It was just like regular high school.” Kearney says bathroom deals were never on the curriculum at his alma mater.

Dorothy Sanders says her children came home and told her about what was going on. “Bolton needs to crack down on this because this is not even normal,” Sanders said. “I don’t want my kids coming home telling me about this.” SCS says more suspensions are possible. Administrative and counseling teams are still interviewing students as part of the investigation. Shelby County Sheriff’s Office says it is not involved in this investigation.

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