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NYC Residents Complain About Damaged Cars Following Canceled Kanye West Concert


Manny Carabel/FilmMagicResidents living near Webster Hall in New York City are angry about the damage caused by the overflow crowd that gathered in the streets for the Kanye West concert that was canceled Monday morning.

“They’re animals. There’s no reason for this. I’m embarrassed to drive my cars now,” Michael Gomez tells the New York Post. He says his truck and sports sedan that were parked on the street suffered large dents, a cracked windshield and had footprints from people walking over them. “I’m in a total state of shock,” he said.” I can’t believe how cruel people can be and destroy other people’s property. All over a stupid rap artist.”

Shirley Green, whose windshield was also smashed, says, “You don’t just announce something like this and then not perform and cause chaos. For everybody’s car that was damaged, Kanye West should be responsible.”

An estimated 4,000 people jammed the streets for the pop-up show scheduled for Monday at 2 a.m. after Yeezy’s performance at Sunday’s Governors Ball Festival was canceled due to rain. Police then canceled his quickly arranged make-up show due to security precautions.

Police maintain their decision prevented injuries.

“A lot of people could have gotten hurt very quickly,” a police source tells the Post. “We can’t have flash mobs to the tune of 4,000 people just showing up in the city of New York whenever Kanye West decides to have a party. Because he’s Kanye West, he expects the keys to the city just handed over to him. That is what we call arrogance.”

Having said that, a police spokesman tells People magazine that Kanye will not face criminal charges in connection with his surprise concert that wasn’t.

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