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LA Nightclub Denies Involvement in Game & T.I. Parking Lot Crowd Confrontation


Grand Hustle/Atlantic; InterscopeA Los Angeles, California, nightclub is trying to distance itself from an incident involving Game and T.I., in which the two rappers were involved in a standoff with Los Angeles Police Department officers and what appeared to be the club’s security early Wednesday morning.

“The events that happened in the parking lot behind Supperclub Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning are severely disheartening, leaving our company and organization frustrated, and our Hollywood neighbors saddened,” the Supperclub nightclub said in a statement Friday. “An unfortunate escalation between an angry onlooker who was denied entry to Supperclub, and a rogue security officer who took matters too far, led to an untenable altercation which represented the worst in all of us.”

According to TMZ, the rappers’ two mutual acquaintances were manhandled by security after being denied entrance into the nightclub on Wednesday morning. A TMZ cameraman caught authorities arriving at the scene and attempting to stop the parking lot brawl. However, their efforts were interrupted by Game and T.I., who mistakenly assumed that it was the officers who’d beat up their friends, one of whose faces was covered in blood.

“Y’all got a lot of people to beat up,” T.I. says in the clip. “There’s a lot of people to beat up, now. You need that good lawyer.”

Shortly after the officers inform the rappers that the club security beat up their associates, the rappers turned their attention to the security guards. At one point, Game is seen removing his hat and shirt while members of his entourage try to calm him down.

“The third-party security company that was hired for this outside promotional event is not a part of Supperclub Los Angeles, and will never be booked by Supperclub, or the venue’s outside promotional vendors again,” the venue’s statement continues, adding, “Although T.I.and The Game were in the parking lot during this time, they were not directly involved with this incident.”

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