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New Edition Story Pt. 1 Review


Article by Pierre Shepherd

The New Edition Story Part 1 was everything the production, the casting, the whole nine yards! I love the fact that the story is being told in a three part series and not as one story being crammed into a two hour movie. But before I get into the greatness of NE part 1, I must say were we really surprised about BET’s flashback concept they have at the beginning of 99.9% of every movie they’ve ever produced with the narration of how it used to be. No? I didn’t think so!

Let’s get into it! From the very begging I knew the original members of New Edition had a huge say so in this production. The biggest give away was the Bobby Brown “King of R&B” title that popped up next to young Bobby at his first talent show, that has Booby Brown written all over it. All the actors did their thing, the younger members did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the each individual member during their adolescent years.

Great moments in the movie were young NE’s first studio session where Ricky and Bobby fought which really happened according to Ricky Bell really happened. Ralph’s phone call to Maurice Starr was an iconic moment as well in the storytelling aspect of the film because it showed his morals and how important friendship was to him as a kid but also showed that his decision not to go solo was the first step in what made New Edition. But cinematically the greatest in this story was the boys to men transition which really caught me by surprise and I’m glad it did. The boys to men transition is easily 2017’s greatest transition in film period.

If you think part 1 was epic be sure to tune in January 25th and 26th to see part 2 and part 3 of this untold story and join the chat on twitter under #NewEditionStory.

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