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Naughty Boy Recalls Texting Beyonce, Says Working with Her Was Perfect


Nick Farrell/Sony Music

Last week, Beyoncé surprised fans with a guest feature on British DJ Naughty Boy‘s new single “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” along with fellow Brit Arrow Benjamin. Now, the hitmaker is revealing what it was like reaching out the diva to contribute to the song.

“Her text always ends with a capital B. She doesn’t even say her name. The capital B says everything,” Naughty Boy reveals to the BBC’s Newsbeat.

When asked how the collaboration came together, Naughty Boy says that he “blames the universe.” He adds, “Nobody actually expected it to happen. Arrow [Benjamin] wrote the song. When I heard it, it was the same time Beyonce heard it. It just worked out as a perfect triangle and we all collaborated on it.”

The producer praised Queen Bey for her attention to detail. “She sings that song like it’s just hers. When Arrow comes in, he does the same thing. In this day and age you wouldn’t expect someone like Beyonce to just jump on a track,” he says. “The fact it’s actually happened, I’m amazed.” 

“Runnin’ (Lose It All)” will appear on Naughy Boy’s album out next year, “probably around April or May time.”

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