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Sir Mix-A-Lot to Rap with the Seattle Symphony


SirMixALot.comIn what’s either an inspired merging of musical styles or yet another sign of the impending apocalypse, Sir Mix-A-Lot will be rapping with the Seattle Symphony.

The Seattle-based rapper, born Anthony Ray, will join the symphony for a June 6 concert, reports  But alas, we won’t get to hear an orchestral version of “Baby Got Back.”  Instead, Mix will be rapping his lesser 1988 hit, “Posse on Broadway” — appropriate, since it’s set in Seattle and namechecks city streets and landmarks.

The collaboration was proposed by London-based composer, producer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev, who’s previously given orchestral treatments to songs from rockers Jimi Hendrix, Alice in Chains, and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and whose compositions include “Two Dances for String Trio, Bass Clarinet, Piano & Scratch DJ.”

“He knows his stuff, and he knows my music well, and hopefully before June 6, we’ll be able to get just a taste of it,” Sir Mix-A-Lot says.  “[I’ve] never done this before, so it’s either going to be really, really horrible, or really great. Not in between.”

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