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Miguel Says “Nothing Was Off-Limits” While Writing Beyonc?’s “Rocket”


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Beyonce‘s latest self-titled album is laced with feel-good songs and party anthems, but she also made sure to include sexually explicit tracks like “Rocket,” which was penned by Miguel.

During a recent interview with Vibe, the crooner reveals how the track came together. “I’ll never forget the conversation I had with Beyoncé and her insisting that nothing was off-limits,” Miguel says. “And me being like, ‘Oh yeah, you sure? Because I can really take it there.'”

With Bey’s permission, the crooner came up with the song’s racey opening line: “Let me sit this ass… on you.”

“What’s the first thing I’d want Beyoncé to say to me, as a man? What have I not heard her say?” Miguel recalls thinking. “That’s where the song came from. And essentially it’s what all of us would want Beyoncé to say to us — no disrespect, obviously, to Jay.”

While many agree the song is just as sexually charged as D’Angelo’s classic tune, “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” Miguel says the track shows a different side of Beyonce.

“She’s confident and [“Rocket”] showcases that part of her that we haven’t seen — her confidence and her sexuality — which can be liberating to a certain degree,” says Miguel. “I hope that’s why she loves the record — that’s why I love the record.”

He adds, “She’s a beautiful woman and that’s why even women love her… She just rocked everyone’s world.”

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