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Michelle Williams Explains Why She’s Not Successful


Michelle Williams has endured a one-sided beef with social media bullies for years and although she rarely responds to the negative comments and mean-spirited “#poormichelle” hashtags, the singer is now revealing that the constant bashing has taken its toll.

In an interview with Huffington Post, the former Destiny’s Child member defines success as having peace of mind and when asked if she considers herself successful, she replied: “To be honest with you, not yet.”

The singer explained, “My album is titled Journey to Freedom, and one of the things I want to get free from is — and I’m getting better at it — the opinions of other people.”

She continues, “I don’t know if it’s just women because we nurture, and we care, and we want that back. You want people to like your music, you want people to like what you said in the interview, you want people to like everything. You don’t want them to have negative or bad opinions of you.”

Michelle adds that she finds herself turning off her phone these days. “It’s like once I do that, the anxiety literally goes away, because so much of our anxiety is tied to [the phone]. We’re always looking at Twitter or Instagram, and that puts so much foolishness in our minds,” she says.

However, it seems the singer is getting better at being satisfied with herself. “Getting older and working on so many things, I just want to make sure that I wake up in the morning happy with or without a person, with or without a certain thing,” she says. “First start off loving yourself, then you can be happy with everything else.”

Journey to Freedom is scheduled to arrive later this year, marking the singer’s fourth solo effort and the first since 2008′s Unexpected. The disc will includes production from Harmony Samuels and Warryn Campbell and will contain the lead single “If We Had Your Eyes.”

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