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Megan Thee Stallion sues her label 1501 Certified Entertainment


Megan: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Megan Thee Stallion‘s ongoing legal battle against 1501 Certified Entertainment is heating up again, as she just sued the label over a stipulation in her contract.

The three-time Grammy winner released her latest project, the 21-track Something for Thee Hotties, in October 2021. Her legal team filed a petition requesting Something for Thee Hotties be considered an album under their recording agreement, according to

In court documents, Megan’s attorneys claimed that 1501 didn’t classify Something for Thee Hotties as an “album,” and that the label is maintaining that she has not satisfied her “minimum recording commitment.”

“Contrary to 1501’s position, Something for Thee Hotties clearly meets the definition of ‘Album’ under the recording agreement because it is not less than forty-five (45) minutes in length,” the suit claims. “There are no other parameters or requirements under the contract for what can be deemed an ‘Album’ other than total run time of the album. As such, Something for Thee Hotties satisfies her ‘Minimum Recording Commitment’ for the second option period of the agreement. To protect herself, her music, and her artistic choices, [Megan] has been forced to bring this action to seek a declaratory judgment to that effect.”

Thee Stallion, whose birth name is Megan Pete, has released one studio album, 2020’s Good News, which was certified platinum. She also has released three EPs for 1501: Make It Hot in 2017, Tina Snow in 2018, and Suga in 2020.

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