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MC Lyte Breaks Down the Sisterhood of Hip-Hop and Says It’s All About Giving Back


Josh Brasted/FilmMagicMC Lyte is breaking down the Sisterhood of Hip Hop and explains that the show is not just about drama — it’s about an actual sisterhood and each emcee’s difficult journey in achieving their career goals.

Lyte, who reprises her role as a mentor for season three, tells ABC Radio how each female emcee’s journey is documented on the show. “They go in and sort of explore each young woman’s world and what it is they’re faced with and how it is they get past adversity to get to what it is they are looking for out of their careers.”

The cast, made up of SiyaBrianna PerryDiamond and new cast members Audra the Rapper and Lee Mazin, are given advice by Lyte, who mentors the women on music, the business and surviving the industry. While each woman’s story provides a deeper look into what an artist goes through to establish themselves and stay relevant, Lyte admits the show does offer a bit of drama, but not enough to take away from its sisterhood.

“Yeah, it is a little bit about drama, but I think no more than Diff’rent Strokes. No more than the average sitcom would look to present, you got to have a hurdle to get over,” Lyte explains. “And I think they stayed true to what the obstacles are in their lives, so it doesn’t make for a whole lot of dramatization,” she adds.

For Lyte, it’s all about giving back. She prides herself on being a mentor, an emcee and creating opportunities for young women. When it comes to her legacy, Lyte says it’s simple: “That I gave back and I paid it forward.”

The season-three premiere of Oxygen’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop will air on Tuesday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET. 

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