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Mary J. Blige Gives Advice on Fitness & Looking Ageless in Healthy Living Magazine


Image Courtesy Peter Kramer/NBCMary J. Blige never seems to age. After being in the industry for more than two decades, the singer is spilling details on how she’s maintained her looks over the years in Healthy Living’s current issue.

The singer, who covers the mag in a body-hugging pink-and-white dress, declares, “Getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional.” She adds that “however you take care of yourself is what you’re going to look like. So what you eat, what you think and how you think is going to be a reflection of how you feel.”

Blige goes on to say that she is mindful of her thoughts. “If you think that you’re just a broke down, horrible looking person that’s what you’re going to look like, but if you think that you are the best you that you can be and that’s all you can be, it’s going to shine through your eyes. Take care of yourself,” she advises.

Mary admits that becoming more aware of her nutrition wasn’t an overnight realization. “It’s going to come from the inside out. And it took me a long time to get here, but this is why I look the way you say I look. To me it’s not about how my hair looks all the time on the red carpet. It’s about how I treat you right now, how I treat everybody in the moment. That makes me go home and just feel good about myself and all of that in my heart comes through my face and my body and my eyes. It’s really about the inside. Inside out.”

Aside form her fitness, the singer also spoke about her songwriting process and longtime friendship with Elton John — check out the full interview online now.

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