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Mariah Carey’s Game of War Commercial Hits the Web


Wayne MasseyBack in June, TMZ reported that Mariah Carey would be appearing in a new commercial for the latest version of the online game Game of War.  Now, the website has posted the ad, and while one of her songs is featured prominently, the diva herself…not so much.

In the ad, we see a medieval style battle taking place, complete with a fire-breathing dragon. Two guys who are getting badly beaten, so one whips out his completely anachronistic mobile device and hits “HELP.”  We hear Mariah’s #1 hit “Hero” starts playing, and a heroic looking dude rides in to help them.  As he continues to ask for “MORE HELP,” we hear “Hero” again a couple more times, as equally heroic looking individuals appear to lend a hand. 

Things are looking up, but then, the dragon dives out of the sky, intent on broiling the guys to death.  But the evil dragon is felled by a crossbow wielded by none other than a heavily CGI-‘d Mariah, who’s wearing battle armor.  “It’s time to be heroes, guys,” she says, before charging into the fray with a sword.  The clip ends with a voiceover from Mariah telling us we can download and play Game of War for free from the app store.

There’s been no word from Mariah herself about this particular ad.

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