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Mariah Carey Debuts “The Art of Letting Go” Says, “This Is Such a Personal Record”


Mariah Carey took to Facebook on Monday morning to debut her hotly-anticipated new single, “The Art of Letting Go,” which is the title track from her forthcoming album.

The song is an old-school sounding record, complete with clicks and pops like an old vinyl record.  The track has a doo-wop feel to it, with Mariah singing over a simple piano track and some light percussion.  The focus is definitely on the lyrics, which detail Mariah being let down and disappointed by an ex, or maybe even a business associate.

“I hope you don’t get no ideas about reuniting, baby/’Cause that’s the last thing I truly need/Your audacity is too much to be believed/So go to ‘Mimi’ on your contacts, press delete,” sings Mariah.  The chorus goes, “Letting go ain’t easy/Oh it’s just exceedingly hurtful/’Cause somebody you used to know/Is spinning your world around/And they watch as you’re falling down.”

Writing about the song on Facebook, Mariah says, “This is such a personal record to me. I wrote the lyrics so that anyone and everyone could relate to them and hopefully release anything that they need to let go of that’s holding them back or bringing them down. Thank you for sharing this experience with me!”

“The Art of Letting Go” is now on iTunes.

Check out Mariah and Jermaine Dupri discuss “The Are of Letting Go” below


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