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Ludacris Says Let the Fans Decide If There Will Be Another ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie


Island Def JamLast weekend saw the release of Furious 7, the latest installment in the Fast and the Furious series, which earned an estimated 400 million dollars worldwide. Ludacris, who stars as Tej, tells ABC Radio that the cast is still trying to comprehend the feat and figure out the best way to celebrate their accomplishment.

“We knew it would be successful, we definitely did not expect to get almost 400 million, like, the first weekend worldwide,” Luda says. “I was just talking to some of my co-stars yesterday and they were just like, ‘There’s nothing creative that we can think of that would be just due to celebrate, what the hell, almost 400 million dollars,’ because we just can’t figure out how to celebrate.”

The rapper and actor believes much of the film’s success is attributable to his fellow cast member, Paul Walker, who passed away in a car accident in November of 2013 while the movie was still filming. “Absolutely, that’s 100 percent and knowing that this is his legacy and how creatively we made that happen in the movie,” Luda says.

So will there be another installment in the franchise? Ludacris believes the decision should be left up to the fans. 

“We were just talking about the fans and their interpretation,” he explains. “I think we kind of let the fans decide, because of course when you do 400 million the first weekend, Universal Studios is sitting there thinking, ‘How many more can we do?'” He adds, “So we will see, but I just kind of think there needs to be a little moment of silence for now.” 

Furious 7, starring Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez, earned the highest total ever for an April debut in the U.S., bringing in more than 147 million dollars domestically over the weekend.

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