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Ludacris’ Baby Mother Pens an Essay: What Kind of Mother Gets Her Child Taken Away


Island Def JamEarlier this year, Ludacris won full custody of his child with Tamika Fuller, a friend with whom he had an affair during a break in his relationship with his now-wife Eudoxie Agnan. Now, Fuller is telling her side of the story in a lengthy essay on Madame Noir, in which she details the pain she’s experienced from having her 15-month-old daughter taken away.

“What kind of mother gets her child taken away?” she writes of the court’s decision. “Knowing that he had no desire to have a baby, imagine my surprise when he filed for physical custody of our daughter and a judge ruled in his favor. I was stunned, devastated and overwhelmed. I asked myself over and over again, ‘How could this happen to me? What had I done wrong?'”

In the piece Fuller alleges that the rapper urged her to have an abortion claiming that the baby would destroy his career and image.  She also claims that the rapper only sought custody to spite her, alleging that he never visited their daughter nor inquired about the girl’s well-being until the custody fight began.

As Ludacris prepares to welcome his new baby with Eudoxie, Fuller adds that she just wants to same experience that all mothers deserve. “I am genuinely happy for them. But surely his wife understands I want the opportunity to parent my daughter everyday as she will get to do with hers. In a perfect world we could co-parent amicably,” she suggests.

“I am not giving up my daughter without a fight,” concludes Fuller, who is seeking a new custody hearing and has formed an organization to help mothers in similar circumstances.

No response yet from Ludacris.

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