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Love And Hip Hop Star Moneice Was Off Meds When She Attacked Fizz’s Girlfriend


Via MTO – November 4, 2014: just got some EXPLOSIVE background information – regarding Moniece – Lil Fizz babys mother. Last night on Love And Hip Hop Hollywood she SNATCHED UP Fizz girlfriend by the hair . . . and yelled at her – “Didn’t I TELL YOU”.

The incident all POPPED OFF, when Fizz girlfriend Amanda kept calling Moniece “crazy” and “delusional”. Those are SORE SPOTS for Moneice, because has learned that Moneice has been diagnosed with MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

According to one of Moneice’s former friends, “[Moneice] is a very cool girl, fun and funny, but she can SNAP. I don’t know what you call it, bipolar or something like that. One minute she’ll be cool tell you a joke, and the next she’ll be dragging you by your hair down the street.”

The insider continued, “She went to the doctor to get checked out, but it’s getting worse. That’s why Fizz took custody of her son.”

Mental health issues are REAL . . . and so was that DRAGGING she gave to Amanda. Hopefully Moneice can work through her issues . . . and Amanda can work on her weave . . . cause you KNOW there had to be a few tracks MISSING after she got DRUG LIKE THAT!!

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