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Lola Brooke on seeing Don’t Play With It take off: It’s wild to me


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Lola Brooke‘s dreams are becoming a reality, thanks to her viral hit “Don’t Play With It.” She teamed up with fellow Brooklyn rapper Billy B for the song, but says she’s surprised by how quickly it took off.

“I always felt that ‘Don’t Play With It’ was special, but I didn’t think it was that special!” she tells Complex. “And for it to take off, probably like the next year and a half, almost two years, it’s wild to me.” 

She noted she “never gave up on a record … because it was my music and I put it out for a reason.”

“I’m supposed to stay consistent,” she continued, adding she thinks “all my records should get the same love.”

Among those records are “So Disrespectful,” and the newly released “Don’t Play With It (Remix)” featuring Latto and Yung Miami. Speaking of the latter, Lola says, “I wanted to bring more cities to my world.”

“You have Latto from Atlanta and Yung Miami from Miami and they both go hard for their cities like I do for BROOKLYN,” she adds in an email to Complex. “The energy was to the ceiling while shooting the music video … the NYPD tried to shut my video down twice but we still were able to all do the things we like to doooo.”

Lola’s career has taken her on tour with A Boogie and to her label, Arista Records, yet she doesn’t feel like she’s made it.

“I want to get to the point where I could be anywhere in the world, and I don’t have to worry about my family members or my team,” she says. “Like, I know they’re OK because I made sure I worked hard enough so that they could be somewhere that’s going to make sure they’re straight.”

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