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Lil Uzi teases new music on the way


Getty Images for BET

Lil Uzi hadn’t planned on attending the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday until 12 a.m. that morning, but in his interview with ABC Audio on the red carpet of “culture’s biggest night,” the rapper dished about what fans can finally expect from him soon — new music.

It’s been two years since the “Do What I Want” rapper dropped his second studio album, Eternal Atake. Now, he says, he’s ready to release a new project and it’s mostly because his die-hard fanbase has been asking and anxiously awaiting new music.

“My fans are different,” Uzi said before adding, “They love me so much that they’ll leak my music.”

The Philadelphia native has been a victim of leaked music for years, including in 2019 when hackers raised money for and released songs such as “Money Keep Coming,” which was officially released as “Sanguine Paradise.”

“Every time something leak you know everything takes longer …. so have fun,” Uzi said in an Instagram story according to The Fader

To please his fans and alleviate the possibility of another leak, Uzi told ABC Audio, “I’m just gonna drop new music so they can calm down, I got y’all.”

The rapper couldn’t reveal what or when exactly he’d drop a new project, but according to a video clip shared on social media last year, The Pink Tape could be on the way any day now.

As for his thoughts on why his fans go so hard for him, Uzi said, “I’m just a guy that dares to be different and do anything that I want to do and just put my heart into everything. Whether it’s right or wrong, I put my heart into it. I just stand by anything that I stand for.” 

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