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LHHATL Star Tammy Rivera Says Joseline’s “Million Dollar” Mansion Is Rented And Marriage To Stevie J Is FAKE!


What may seem like overconfidence to some, comes off as insecurity to Tammy Rivera who wonders if Joseline Hernandez is trying too hard to be a “bad b*tch”

Via S2S Magazine reports:

“I’ve never been around a person that just sits there in the mirror who just says, ‘I’m a bad b!tc#,” Tammy recently told “Who are you trying to convince: me or you? It’s just weird to me.” Though it seemed the two might try to forge a friendship, things quickly went left between Tammy and the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess when she offered Tammy unsolicited tips on how to get a real ring and not just an engagement tattoo. “I would never take no marriage advice from Joseline Hernandez,” said Tammy who doubts that Joseline and Stevie J are truly married. “Who knows? I heard they weren’t. I know that their house is rented. I know that that’s not theirs,” she said before wishing them the best. On a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” the women tried to get over their differences: Tammy was skeptical about their relationship because of the tattoo comment, and Joseline didn’t like that Tammy shared info about her with Mimi Faust. Unfortunately, they only widened their rift. “I’m very open-hearted with people, and all of my friends say I’m too nice, but I give people the benefit of the doubt,” said Tammy who thinks Joseline is hard to get along with. “I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but then comes the shady s#!t.” Tammy, who has since married Waka Flocka Flame, didn’t seem to take Joseline’s comments too personally. Instead, she only questions why Joseline started “jabbing” at her and “throwing shade.” “She has some insecurities within herself that she’s not stable in who she is because if she was she wouldn’t have to portray herself that way,” Tammy said.

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