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Lady Jade Engagement Pics


 Lady Jade and Her Fiance Photo Credit: Angela Pinargotti

  • Ukiah Gilliam

    Congratulations Lady Jade. I met you and the reat of the K104 family awhile back. You guys will never know how much you mean to the community. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you.

  • Done Rite Janitorial Service

    Congratulations :-)

  • Done Rite Janitorial Service

    Love it!!! Congratulations to you both…Keep us in mind for you cleaning needs.

  • Kendra Shavonne Mua

    Congrats Lady Jade!

  • Ieashamcnac

    HAndsome guy

  • Tanya Bea

    u go girl Congats 2 u…

  • meow

    so what…

  • Michael Matthews

    well I must say…im jealous…but im happy for you Mrs.Jade…
    if it dont work out…find me! :-)

  • amy niedfeldt

    You go girl cute couple

  • Sonia Mrs-Sassy

    Soooo, What type of work he do???

  • Mrs DAnderson

    what difference does it make what type of work he does? Be happy if not, stop hating. It doesn’t matter the type of job he has, his check isn’t paying your bills.

  • Nene

    Thts not him
    I seen another mañ at the mlk parade lol

  • Shawnna Talley

    Congrats lady j. You deserve a wonderful man like that.

  • Donna Thomas Clayton

    Congratulations Lady J! Enjoy every moment of your lives together! He is very handsome, and you make a beautiful couple!



  • Belinda Artis

    Congrats Lady jade

  • Karen B

    CONGRATULATIONS! I knew the lord had someone special in store for you.

  • Laura G.

    The one where you’re leaning on his shoulder, and he’s SMILING…. I’m in awwe. ;-)

    Congrats Lady Jade~ Cheers to a Beautiful New Beginning!! <3

  • Laura H

    Congrats! Does he have any brother’s/cousins? Lol, wishing the best to you both!

  • Natishia Coleman

    Lady Jade, he looks so much like Pastor Rush. Congrats sweetie

  • Shauna Kookielookie Lamb

    Hey best advice i can give you… Never compare your narriage to another… Not one is the same…

  • Alicia Jefferson-Minor

    Beautiful pics and he is handsome. Yall be BLESSED.

  • kendra sutton

    beautiful couple ….happy u found love lady jade!!