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Wiz Khalifa on Ferguson Shooting: Police Harassment “Happens All Over the Place”


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Wiz Khalifa has opened up about the tragic death of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown, who was killed earlier this month.

The Pittsburgh rapper says that police brutality and over-aggressiveness is happening all over the world, especially in African American communities.

“I started driving when I was 16, and I can’t remember one time, being pulled over and being asked for my license and registration,” recalls the rapper in an interview with Vibe. “They pull you over with a gun to your head, and tell you to get out of the car.”

He says living with the fear of possibly being shot by a police officer was just part of his reality since his teenage years. “Having that fear since I was a teen, it’s just another real situation where it’s shocking to some people but if we were aware, and if we were standing up and talking about this in different ways other than like showing violence, stuff like that, acting mad, then maybe people wouldn’t be so shocked and it wouldn’t be something that’s so you know um that happens and can be acceptable,” he says.

“It happens all over the place, in any urban community,” he adding, encouraging everyone in Ferguson to keep the peace and “stay aware.”

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