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Kendrick Lamar Discusses Grammy Nominations, “Control” Verse


Many would agree that Kendrick Lamar is a front-runner for many of the rap categories for this year’s Grammy Award, thanks in part to his controversial verse on Big Sean‘s “Control.” Now, the rapper is spilling new insights on the song that sparked a significant conversation within hip-hop.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, K. Dot discussed his intentions with the lethal track. 

“It wasn’t premeditated, it just came to me when I was writing that bar,” says Lamar. “The crazy part is, I didn’t think it would ever go to where diss records were coming at me. I thought people would be like… he threw some challenges out there… that was dope.”

He adds that Kanye West taught him to “never downplay your ideas.” Lamar explained, “I learned to always stay as creative as possible and never have any boundaries.”

With the Grammys taking place this weekend, Lamar also recalled how he learned about his multiple nominations, including Best New Artist.

“I was actually on stage, so I had no idea. Everybody else knew but me,” he says. “By the time I got off I kinda got the news late. It was a great feeling, everybody was happy, excited. We celebrated in that dressing room.”

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