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R. Kelly Talks “Black Panties”, Recording Follow-Up & More


RCA RecordsR. Kelly has a lot to prove with his upcoming album, Black Panties, which arrives next week. During an interview with Billboard, the legendary singer admits there were many people counting him out.

“I was being told I wouldn’t be back in business,” R. Kelly told Billboard a few days before his AMAs appearance. “While that was happening people were bringing me down instead of lifting me up. It pissed me off because when you’re up everyone believes in you, but as soon as they feel your life or career is threatened they fall off from you. They disappear.”

After collaborating with pop starts like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, it seems Kelz is entering new territory in his career, which is an idea that he openly welcomes.

“It feels good to still be on people’s mind after 23 years in the business,” R. Kelly explains. “I’ve got all the younger cats following me and calling me to get on their tracks. It’s a blessing.”

While working on Black Panties, Kelly reveals he had to re-invent his signature sound, which has been borrowed by many of his peers.

“Trying to come back with the Black Panties album, I hadn’t done this type of music in three years, so I was studying music,” he says. “And I came to find that people have been studying me. I’m seeing Trey Songz, who is very talented; The-Dream, who is very talented; rappers like Future. A lot of my style was on a lot of other people’s music. They flipped it very well, but I needed to flip it back to me.”

The singer adds that his creative juices are flowing and he’s already started recording the next project. “I’m already working on my next album, which I’m six songs deep into. I haven’t named it yet, but it’s going to be a follow-up to Black Panties,” Kelly says before adding that he soon plans to film 10 more installments to his “Trapped in the Closet” video series. “I’m going to start putting out music like Jordans after Black Panties.  I don’t want people to get it twisted: R. Kelly is going to be R. Kelly,” he concludes.

Black Panties will be available on December 10 via RCA Records.

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