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R. Kelly Makes Sex Songs Out of Four Random Topics


RCA RecordsR. Kelly has always prided himself on his lyrical creativity. While promoting his upcoming album, Black Panties, the self-proclaimed King of R&B decided to prove his lyrical ability by making up random songs during a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

“I don’t like to write songs, I like to write life. That’s my job, that’s my challenge and that’s what I love to do,” Kelz says in a two-minute video. “I love to just take simple lyrics that people say everyday, that they do everyday and just turn it into a massive hit.”

Shortly after, Kelly was given four randomly chosen topics, “Sex Dolphin,” “Italian Hero Sandwich of Love,” “Ice Hockey” and “Sex Newspaper,” which he turned into songs.

“I know how to put it into a melody and make it comical, but sexual at the same time,” Kelly explains in the new issue of Rolling Stone. “With my gift, I can pretty much write a song out of anything.”

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