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Kanye West in Twitter War with Deadmau5 over Alleged Illegal Downloading


Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Roc NationKanye West‘s new album The Life of Pablo is available exclusively on the subscription music service Tidal, but it seems he may not be ponying up for his favorite music, and it’s led to a Twitter war between Kanye and electronic music artist Deadmau5.

The feud began Tuesday when West tweeted a screenshot that showed an Internet browser tab opened for the Pirate Bay, a website used to illegally download entertainment and music content. Kanye was also allegedly caught downloading a $200 beat-making software called Serum, which is made by Deadmau5’s company, Xfer Records.

The EDM star — whose birth name is Joel Zimmerman — responded with a tweet that read, “What the f*** @kanyewest … Can’t afford serum? D***.”

West, 38, didn’t answer Deadmau5’s complaint specifically, but poked fun at him in a barrage of tweets that began, “@Deadmau5 … is this person’s name pronounced dead-mow-five?”

“# ok very serious question…,” he continued. “# whose job is it to carry the head on the plane # hash tag # do you check the mickey mouse head or carry on # does it get hot? # ok another super serious question … is there a portable fan situation?”

The taunts got even meaner when Yeezy noted, “# hash tag you raised Tidal’s subscriptions by a whopping [three mouse emoji] downloads,” adding, “# I’m bored ###….This brightened up my day… thank you dead-mow-five.”

“Do you do birthday parties??” he went on to ask. “My daughter loves Minnie mouse… can you please bring the minnie mouse head … not yours she specifically likes minnie mouse … I need you to perform at her party with specifically a minnie mouse dead-mow-five head… not a mickey mouse dead-mow-five head. I’m very detail oriented and I will know the difference so don’t try to just throw a bow on the original head…”

Kanye’s camp tells Pitchfork that the laptop computer in the rapper’s initial tweet does not belong to him, and that he posted the photo as a joke to reference piracy issues involving his new album.

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