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Kanye West Childhood Home Left to Ruins


Kanye West’s childhood home has been abandoned and left to deteriorate. The home had been being maintained by Rhymefest, Kanye’s childhood friend and co-founder of Donda’s House — a nonprofit organization named after Kanye’s mother dedicated to the youth of southside Chicago.

After a dispute between Kanye and Rhymefest back in May about Kanye’s efforts towards the organization or the lack thereof, Rhymefest has since renamed the charity to the Art of Culture and no longer operates in Kanye’s childhood home which has resulted in it’s current state and left to ruins. The Daily Mail reports that the house is now a homeless person’s paradise, and filled with heart-shaped post-its, old CDs, beer bottles, with the back of the house completely dismembered and the inside of the house just as damaged as the oustide.

Will Kanye save his childhood home and get back to his service of helping to advance the youth of Chicago?

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