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Kanye Does Classic Kanye on Ellen


ABC/Randy HolmesIn true Kanye West fashion, the rapper embarked on a classic series of over-the-top statements during an appearance Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, venting to his host about topics including his family, his finances, and his plans to make the world a better place.

You might recall earlier this year, Kanye claimed to be $53 million in debt, and tweeted to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to give him a billion dollars to implement his ideas.  Zuckerberg ignored his tweet, prompting DeGeneres to suggest maybe Kanye should’ve used Facebook. 

“I should have put it on Facebook. Now I understand why he didn’t hit me back,” Kanye agreed.  He also said he knew Zuckerberg, and he’s had dinner with him and his wife.

As for why he needs so much money, Kanye insists it’s not for him: “I feel that if I had more resources, I could help more people. I have ideas that could make the human race existence within our 100 years better.  Period.”

West was also fine with Ellen mentioning that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has said she may not want any more kids.  Kanye said that’s OK: he’s “fine to just practice.”

‘Ye also addressed the haters, saying he had to be the “Michael Jackson of apparel in order to break open the doors for everyone that will come after I’m gone, after I’m dead, after they call me wacko Kanye.

“Isn’t that so funny that people point fingers at the people who have influenced us the most?” Kanye declared.  “They talk the most sh*t about the people who care the most. I’m sorry daytime television. I’m sorry for the realness.”

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