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Kanye Debuts New Song in adidas World Cup Commercial


The FIFA World Cup 2014 begins on June 12, and in the new spot from Adidas called “The Dream,” directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God), fans get a sensational look at the choice athletes make to get there–to go “All-In or Nothing.” And “All-In” is intense: Waking up early, if you’re Leo Messi, and enduring countless hours of training, the jeers of fans, and an undeniable amount of self-confidence, if you’re among the other players featured in the ad: Luis Suárez, Mesut Özil, Robin van Persie, and more.

An undeniable amount of self-confidence is something that those soccer stars share with the person who provides the soundtrack for their labors: Kanye West, who reveals a new track in “The Dream.” That song, “God Level,” shares more than a few themes with the music on his 2013 album Yeezus–heavy blasts of aggressive percussion, a seeming aversion to melody, and lyrics that suggest the deification of Mr. West (and, by extension, the listener). Whether it’s a Yeezus leftover or a new track created for Adidas and the World Cup, it’s a fitting tribute to the dedication of the players who, in a few short weeks, will be on a world stage even bigger than anything that Kanye could dream up. Talk about living “The Dream.”

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