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Justin Timberlake Co-Stars with Elvis’ Granddaughter in Sexy, Violent New Video for “TKO”


RCA RecordsJustin Timberlake co-stars with some rock ‘n roll royalty in the new video for his song “TKO” — his leading lady is Riley Keough, the granddaughter of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.  In the video, JT ends up on the receiving end of Riley’s anger, and appears to die in a spectacular way.

The seven-minute video intercuts footage of Justin watching Riley’s character, cuddling with her and making out with her on a couch, with footage of him being dragged behind a pickup truck through the desert, with Riley behind the wheel.  So what happened between them?  Well, we see a scene of them fighting in a kitchen; Riley is screaming at Justin and then throwing food on the floor.  Trying to defuse the situation, he lifts her up on the counter, and they have sex.  But surprise!  Just as JT is buttoning his pants back up, Riley grabs a frying pan and whacks him over the head with it.

Next, we see Riley driving the pickup truck, dragging Justin behind her, and coming closer and closer to the edge of a cliff.  At the last second, she jumps out, and the truck goes plunging over the cliff, with poor Justin still tied to the bumper.  As the video comes to a close, Riley is kneeling in the desert, looking at the cliff; we can’t tell if she’s horrified or relieved by what she’s done.

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