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Jeezy Announces New Album, Proclaims We Are All Gods


UMG/Jonathan MannionHas Jeezy found religion?

In an emotional two-part Instagram post signed, “Pastor Young,” the rapper announced he will drop his next album on November 13. The first single is called “God,” and it’s currently is streaming on YouTube, with the rapper declaring “I’m a god in the the ‘hood” on the track.

In the letter, Jeezy writes about the wave of police violence. He also comments about how poverty and the criminal justice system often forces a man into “sacrificing his freedom and life for his family’s survival.”

Regarding the title of his new single, he says, “We are all Gods in our own right. We have the ability to and the power to change the things around us.” He continues. “We all have the ability to affect lives; to raise our sons and daughters to become Kings and Queens; Leaders and Prophets.”

In July, Jeezy celebrated the tenth anniversary of his 2005 album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, with a concert in Atlanta featuring Kanye West, Usher, and Andre 3000 from Outkast.

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