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Janelle Monae Is Ready for a Woman in the White House


Marcus Ingram/WireImageJanelle Monae strongly supports President Barack Obama, but she admits, she’s ready for a different gender to run the country.

“I do want it to be a woman,” she tells The Hill. “I think we’ve already spent hundreds of years of having to deal with, you know, ‘the man,’ and I think we should switch it up.”

The singer from Kansas City, Kansas has not committed to a candidate, and is looking for someone who will represent those who are often ignored by society. “Women, minorities, also those who identify as ‘the other,’ that person is often discriminated against.” She says. “The LGBT community, transgender — who’s taking up for those people? So that’s who I want it to be: whoever’s going to protect.”

As Obama begins his final year in office, Monae says she is proud of his administration. “I think when President Obama came in office,” she comments, “he basically pretty much did everything he said he was going to do, and more.”

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