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Jamie Foxx Shares that He Once Sang Karaoke with Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown


ABC/Ida Mae AstuteJamie Foxx is an Oscar winner and an accomplished singer in his own right, but he once got to sing karaoke with the late music icon Whitney Houston.

“We did karaoke together,” he tells MTV News. “Me, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown did karaoke at this little club in L.A. I had it on a tape and I put it in a safety deposit box thinking, ‘Oh, this is going to be special one day’ and then YouTube came out.”

Foxx’s Annie co-star Rose Byrne asked him, “What did you sing?”

“She sung, ‘and I will always love you,’” Foxx said imitating Houston. “Then me and Bobby did ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ and as we are singing, Bobby forgets the words.”

Foxx said the experience was “wild” although he did not say when the karaoke session took place.

How did this come about? Well, Foxx said he was hosting a karaoke night with about 500 people, and everyone begged Houston to sing.

“These were the days before camera phones,” Foxx added. “I am actually going to the bathroom and I hear, ‘Now you know I don’t sing this for everybody Jamie. You know, I don’t sing this song for everybody,’ and she got up and she blessed us with it. And at that time, all people could do was call their answering machine and hold it up like this and listen to her voice and she was absolutely perfect.”

Houston died in 2012 at the age of 48.

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