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iLoveMemphis Talks Hit the Quan & Thanksgiving Plans


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iLoveMemphis has a lot to be thankful for following the success of his debut single, “Hit the Quan,” which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. The rapper tells ABC Radio that anyone can dance to his catchy tune, which has become a cultural phenomenon.

“I made the dance where anybody could do it and can’t nobody but me tell you if you’re doing it wrong or not. And I tell everybody, whichever way you want to hit the Quan, that’s your perfect way,” he says of the song, which was which was produced by Buck Nasty.

The Memphis native adds that you won’t have to worry about looking foolish. “There’s no such thing as looking bad in front of me, because however you do it, that’s your own signature move, that’s your own way — you want to wipe your clean pair of sneaks, you want a designer belt, you want to go and get the ref, whatever you want to do, do it how you want to do it,” he assures. “And I set that tone early in the game when I brought ‘Hit the Quan’ out,  and that’s why its so viral, because people know that it’s just a dance to have fun.”

But how did he initially get the idea to make the dance track? “A girl named Gabrielle was a really close friend of mine and she’s a very huge Rich Homie Quan fan and she’s a white girl and she put me on to Rich Homie,” Memphis recalls. “She listen to him so much, a record came out called ‘Flex,’  and when that record came out me and her used to do the dance all the time and she told me I should make a song about it. So I made the song, that’s crazy right? Yeah, but I guess that’s why its a white girl’s dance, like white girls do it a lot.”

With all of his success, the rapper is keeping his priorities in tact. Memphis reveals that he turned down a show just to be with his family for Thanksgiving.

“Absolutely, I cleared my schedule, wouldn’t do a show for 50 thousand. Yeah, I have to be at home with my family, it’s a tradition. I just have to be at home with my family for that one day,” he says. “I’ve missed being home because I’ve been on the road like crazy for four months straight, I can’t miss Thanksgiving, I have to be at home.”

While he’s still working on his debut album, you can check out the official music video for “Hit the Quan” on YouTube now.

The hit single has generated more than 150 million YouTube views and sold more 450,000 copies to date.

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