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Iggy Azalea Sex Tape: The Plot Thickens


ABC/Randy HolmesDespite Iggy Azalea‘s vehement denial that she’s the star of a sex tape being shopped, her legal team now acknowledges that it’s possible that she is in the tape, and the male participant in said video also insists that it is, indeed, Iggy.

In a reversal of their initial denial, Iggy’s legal team told TMZ that, in fact, the rapper could possibly be in the tape, but if she is, it was shot without her knowledge or consent…AND she could have been under 18 at the time, making it illegal to release it.  But now, a Houston rapper named Hefe Wine tells TMZ that he’s the one in the video that’s being offered to Vivid Entertainment, and that Iggy was legal at the time, because, he says, he didn’t even meet her until her 18th birthday.

What’s more, Wine claims that Iggy is “100% fully aware” that they shot the sex tape.  However, he says he didn’t give it to Vivid — he claims his computer was stolen a few months ago and that’s how Vivid got it.  Wine, however, is interested in cutting a deal with Vivid for the tape’s release, but since Iggy would have to sign off on it, don’t hold your breath.

Wine also says he and Iggy are still friendly, and claims he’s about to release a new single with her on it in a featured role. Stay tuned.

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