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Iggy Azalea Helps Seth Meyers explain Teen Slang on Late Night


Lloyd Bishop/NBCIggy Azalea dropped by Late Night on Thursday to plug her upcoming second studio album, Digital Distortion, and also helped host Seth Meyers out with one of his recurring sketches in which he explains the newest teen slang.

The sketch features Meyers explaining the “hot new slang the kids are using.” For Thursday’s bit, he gave the definitions for supposedly new slang words and phrases and brought the 25-year-old Australian rapper to give examples of how they’re used in conversation.

The new slang terms included: “Whilefi” — the socially sensible amount of time you need to be at someone’s party before asking for the wi-fi password.

Azaleas example: “This party sucks because I have to talk to people, but soon, I’ll be all up in Safari. Hashtag Whilefi.”

Another of Meyers’ teen slang words: “Broachella,” which he defines as “a concert mostly attended by middle-aged ladies.”

Iggy’s example: “My mom and Auntie Cathy are dragging me to a Celine Dion concert this weekend. Hashtag “Broachella.”

Other slang terms included, “Kasich” — “A guy who has no chance, but keeps trying anyway,” and “WhoDatWhoDat” — “What your mom says when you’re watching a movie with her.”

Later, Azalea sat down for an interview with Meyers and discussed about several things, including a tattoo on her foot that she hid from her mother when they were on the beach by wearing socks.

She also talked about her new album, which, unlike the first, won’t include any guest appearances by other artists. “I did have kind of like a crazy year. Last year was a big year for me in my life,” the “Fancy” rapper explains. “And so, I wanted to think about it in some way, still a way that was fine and people could enjoy. But I felt like it was really important for me to be the one delivering that message.”

Azalea also performed “Team,” the first single from Digital Distortion, set to come out in June.

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