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Iggy Azalea Explains Why She Cancelled Her Tour: “I’ve Had a Different Creative Change of Heart”


Jason Merritt/Getty Images via ABCWhen Iggy Azalea’s Great Escape Tour was abruptly cancelled last week, many were left wondering why, or what went wrong. Now, the Aussie rapper tells Seventeen magazine she decided to nix the tour because she “had a different creative change of heart.”

“I want to start totally anew, and if I stayed on my tour, that would mean I wouldn’t even be able to start working on that until after Christmas,” Iggy says. “On top of that, mentally, to be honest with you, I just feel I deserve a break. I’ve been going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day.”

However, Iggy clarifies she’s not in a bad place. In fact, she’s just announced her engagement to L.A. Lakers star Nick Young.

“I think sometimes when you say you need a mental break, people are like, ‘A mental break? Be sure you don’t have a breakdown because you’re sad.’ No, not necessarily,” Iggy says. “It’s very emotionally draining to be on all the time and going all the time, planning all the time.”

Instead, Iggy says she’d like to focus on enjoying her hard-earned success and figuring out how she wants to progress as an artist.

“It can kind of wear on you, too, when you’ve been doing the same material for a really long time,” she says. “Even though a lot of people just discovered it, I am a musician and a creative person and I want to be able to perform new stuff and do new things. I feel like I’m at the end of an era now. To go on a tour in late September and to stay in that mindset of what I’d envisioned for that tour, I feel like that would stifle me.”

Plus, Iggy tells Seventeen, after postponing the tour the first time, she was unable to find two opening acts to replace Nick Jonas and Tinashe. “I began the search, and to be honest, I never found someone who was available on those dates that I thought was a good fit for the tour,” she says.

And while she hates to let her fans down, Iggy says she believes canceling the tour was the right decision. “It’s not easy to decide that the best thing to do is cancel a tour, but that’s the best thing for me,” she says. “I don’t want to disappoint fans. I feel really bad. It was a tough decision to make, but it was the best thing.”

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