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Cee Lo Green Says He Doesn’t Dress Up on Halloween


Primary Wave MusicMany would agree that the name Cee Lo Green has become synonymous with creative and bold fashion statements.  So with everyone picking last-minute attire for Halloween, does the singer go for extravagant costumes on Halloween?

“I enjoy making people laugh, I enjoy being myself, I enjoy begin artful, outrageous, you know, but I never wanted to become a mockery of myself so I don’t  feel it necessary,” he tells ABC News Radio.

The Voice star adds, “I mean people even find it cool to see me dressed down or catch me in some type of domestic situation at the gas station. You know, ‘Hey Cee Lo it’s cool you come to CVS,’ you know that kind of thing.”

The usually colorfully dressed entertainer, who donned an all black outfit and his signature shades for the interview, explains, “Even dressed like this, I still look pretty cool but I don’t have on feathers on today and I’m not carrying a bird.” 

Last week, the singer posted an Instagram picture of himself when he was younger, wearing a crown and all white suit. “#tbt always had a flair for style,” he wrote in the accompanying caption. 

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