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Cee Lo Green Returns to “The Voice,” but Won’t Watch Himself on It


Mark Seliger/NBCCee Lo Green is happy to be returning as a coach on The Voice after taking last season off to focus on other projects including his autobiography Everybody’s Brother.  During his hiatus he did watch his substitute on the show, Usher, but he tells ABC News Radio that he will not check himself out on DVR.

“I’ve never watched myself on TV,” he says, adding that he rarely watches any television at all and is more of a movie buff. 

“I’ve heard other artists say it.  I’ve heard Michael Jackson say it in interviews, ‘Oh, I don’t see myself, I’m too critical of myself,’” Green says of seeing himself on TV.  The problem is that the final product is out of his hands, and so is the way people respond to it.  “There’s nothing you can do to control people’s opinions about it,” he says.

But despite the fact that he’s likely not to watch it if it happens, he does hope his group Goodie Mob will get a chance to appear on The Voice this season.  Goodie Mob recently released their first new CD in 14 years, Age Against the Machine.

We did The Voice once before, we did a record called ‘Fight to Win,’”  Cee Lo says.  “It didn’t make the album but it did make some history.  If we deserve it we’ll definitely be [on the show], and I think we will.”

The Voice returns for its fifth season September 23.

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